Roly Poly Cherries 1

8:30 PM


Well, I let some serious time fly by again... I decided to loosen the hand and warm up with some sweet cherries. 
I laboriously worked on this one, pushing to see how exciting I could make the color. And of course, my dear friend, teacher and fellow artiste Madeleine makes the suggestion-- why not do another with a 5 minute limit. She continues to set the timer and gives me the starting bell. Panic sets in and the race is on. Much to my surprise it was a fun, freeing exercise. Madeleine (teacher extraordinaire) reminded me that I always take the time to work out my colors, but by doing the timed second version, I can achieve freedom and expression in a more spontaneous exercise. 
You be the judge... take a look at both-which was the 5 minute? I think I am going to do this exercise more often!

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