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2:53 PM

I've been away from this blog for soooo long. Wasn't sure if I should start over or just start again. After some deliberation, I decided to go for the start again option. 

In a nutshell... I spent the last couple of years taking classes on art & business, freeing my artistic soul, and readying myself for a giant leap of art faith. (I really want to get my art out there!)

I've been a long time admirer of Carol Marine and her daily painting blog. Her work, her teaching and simplicity have been on my praise list forever. I decided to join DailyPaintworks, a site developed by Carol's husband and family to "explore, find and buy"the beautiful art you love. This site is a painter's dream. It's a wonderful place to buy, sell, find, learn, be inspired and participate, with a wonderful group of artists, making art. 

So, here I go... taking a leap. The image above is my most recent listing. It's a watercolor piece done on a 10 x 10 
gessoed cradle board. It's sealed with varnish and is based on one of my journal book pages
You'll find it listed at DailyPaintworks in the auction area.

There's a lot of new-ness for me to share here. Working on an official website, more paintings, a gallery show at the end of this month and some video tutorials. I hope you'll check back, now and again for some inspiration, encouragement, and colorful art.

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